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shell beach
The City Freed
a Dark City no longer
6th-Oct-2010 08:32 pm - Smells like burnt sugar
It's that time of year again, the one that's easier to detect now that there's trees for the color of the leaves to change on. John has remembered to change the color of the leaves, or at least to drop the temperatures enough for that to happen on its own, because the city calendars all say it's fall. The city garden's harvest has been in full swing and is now starting to wrap up, Rat's held a scarecrow contest there for the kids, and the last couple of days another sign of autumn has been setting up down by the beach. There's brightly colored tents, and small rides, and games, and then one morning the food smells start to fill the air. That familiar mix of fried dough and burnt sugar scent means the fall festival is here!
26th-Jul-2010 08:37 pm - The wedding of Daniel and Sarah
lotsa hair
It is a perfect summer day on Shell Beach. Not a cloud appears in the brilliantly blue sky, and a pleasant sea breeze keeps the sun-kissed ground comfortable.

A white tent festooned with small paper lanterns provides shade for the wedding guests, although there is no chance of rain. On a raised dais, the groom's party waits -- Markus, looking distinguished, and Thorn, looking like he'd rather be anywhere else than in front of the audience. The groom himself cannot contain his nervousness, but it is a good kind of nervousness, the kind that keeps him anxious for his bride. His best man, John, seems more amused than anything, and says something quietly to Schreber to ease his nerves.

Guests are seated, and then the music begins -- a classical tune that plays softly through unobtrusive speakers. The bridesmaids are first -- Anna and Melinda. John steps forward to graciously escort both women in turn onto the dais. Then the flowergirl -- April -- practically glides down the aisle, taking her job quite seriously as she litters the ground with flower petals. Following at her heels is an unusual ring bearer, Sarah's pokemon Belle. The bellsprout is wearing a bow tie and carrying a small pillow with the rings, and periodically stops and waves at the guests.

Harley, Sarah's maid of honor, is next down the aisle, beaming proudly after her daughter. Then the music changes. A traditional bridal march plays, and Sarah steps onto the aisle, escorted by her brother Tom. Her hair is swept up and her ivory dress is classical elegance, lightly contrasted by her bouquet of sunflowers that suggest a more down-to-earth charm. The guests turn to watch her walk down the aisle, but she only has eyes for Daniel.

Tom steps off to the side and Harley takes Sarah's bouquet, which leaves her hands free for Daniel's. The music stops, and the officiant, a nondescript fellow who seems unfazed by the strange crowd, speaks. His pleasant speech is not of any particular denomination, but rather a story of love and how joyous it is.

He asks the bride and groom to exchange vows, and then rings. He proclaims that Daniel Schreber and Sarah Branigan are now husband and wife, and that the groom may certainly now kiss the bride. Which he does.

Ceremony over, guests are directed to the reception which is just a little further down the beach. Tables and chairs are set up so that guests can mingle. There are drinks, an assortment of fancy picnic foods to eat, and a three-tiered wedding cake decorated with sunflowers made of sugar. There is more music, all kinds, and guests are encouraged to eat, drink, dance, and be merry.
Several days after the events involving Duela, Dr. Schreber and Sarah, Harley and Rat, and Irma and Harold all receive bouquets of stargazer lilies and black tulips. They are signed '~C.C.', and each card bears but one word.

Schreber and Sarah's say only 'Thanks'.
The others say only 'Sorry'.

Meanwhile...Collapse )
17th-Feb-2010 11:08 am - Lost Again
over the shoulder
The teleport ripples across the energy lines in the City, tugging at John's attention, and the psychic presence that arrives lights up the nearer surroundings like a Christmas tree. To the mundane eye, however, the young woman that's now standing in the shallows of the beach is relatively normal-looking. She has short blond hair and big dark eyes. Too thin, her black sweater and jeans hang off her frame. She has a bag over one shoulder.

She shivers in the cold water, wading up onto the sand. She should have been a little more careful with her traveling, but as she didn't really care what world she ended up in, she didn't pay much attention to where she landed.

It's nighttime, and the air is cool. She wanders idly along the beach until she comes to a clam shack, closed for the winter. Here she sits under the awning to hide from the wind, and folds her arms across her chest, a picture of discomfort.

((Open post. AU alternate of Courtney here.))
16th-Feb-2010 09:37 pm(no subject)
how the light shines on you now
Irma feels more than a little nervous and more than a little awkward, doing this, but she feels she should. There's always the chance it'll blow up in her face, and she'll feel stupid and a little humiliated if it does, but hopefully it won't.

She knocks nervously on the apartment door and says "... Thorn? It's, um. Irma. Are you there?" She has an urge to use 'Mr.' in front of Thorn, but she's not sure how he'd react to it.

In any case, her heart is pounding nervously and she looks back and forth.
9th-Feb-2010 10:01 pm - Morning beachcombing [OPEN POST]
walking along
After a strange incident with his pet turtle in the wee hours of the morning, Tom tried to get back to sleep. After staring restlessly at the ceiling for a couple of hours, he decided to get an early start on his day instead.

Currently, he walks along the beach, a stone's throw from where Sarah and Harley live, a cup of coffee in his hand. The caffeine and the crisp ocean breeze ought to keep him awake.

((Open to one and all. Come say hi to Tom. ^_^))
There is a glow of orange lights coming from the house of Harley Quinn. Underneath the glow, the dangling skeletons, ghosts and witches welcome Halloween comers to a special costumed party. The hostess is inside, taking care of last minutes snacks and goodies, with April standing guard by the door dressed in her little princess costume.

Harley herself is dressed in a pretty pink pirate costume. All is ready for her guests, they just have to show up and enjoy.

(ooc: Warning, LOL effect may occur on costumes, where muns will take on the personality and abilities of their costume. No special reason on when or why... just up to muns discretion)
26th-Sep-2009 06:08 pm - Happily Ever After the BBQ
tick tock
After the grill fire is put out Dr. Schreber looks busy cooking the rest of the meat and then he keeps away from Harley. He's not mean about it he just looks busy and talks to other people whenever he sees her near. He is feeling twitchy now. Harley's idea is very very nice and the more he thinks about it the more he can see how nice it would be to celebrate with everybody. Once he even turns around and sees Sarah close by with a kiss for the cook and then he starts to open his mouth and... no sound comes out. Then he mumbles something embarrassed and looks busy again.

So then people start to go home two by two and thank Sarah and Schreber for the party (but most especially Sarah) and then finally there is only Tom left helping to clean up some. Schreber smiles at him nervously and tells him he can go on home because he already helped before. Really he just wants to be alone with Sarah but he doesn't want to have to explain why.
4th-Sep-2009 08:43 pm(no subject)
Shell Beach is lovely this time of year; one last hurrah for vacationers and residents alike. Sarah has taken care to set up her backyard so that her visitors can enjoy the ocean view. There are a couple of picnic benches in addition to her patio furniture. All are decorated with festive tablecloths and seashells.

Daniel has started up the grill and has already prepared a view hamburgers and hot dogs. There are also vegetable kabobs for those who don't eat meat. One table has a few homemade side dishes as well as some sweets. Once again, Sarah's bellsprout, Belle, is on drink duty. There's plenty of soda and juice, but no alcohol.

Sarah's brother, Tom, is already there, helping Sarah with a few odds and ends.
2nd-Sep-2009 01:48 pm - Catching up
It's a short trip from Harley's place to where Sarah and Doc Schreber live, and Rat's grateful for it. He doesn't leave until after dinner, and even then he's reluctant, but it seems like a good idea to go poke his head in and say hello. He hobbles up the front walk, a tall figure that's clumsy on his crutches. They'll probably hear him getting up the steps of the porch, but he knocks at the door anyway. He's looked better, but a few days in the hospital followed by a happy family dinner with Harley and April has done him a world of good.
24th-Jul-2009 08:42 pm - One returns.
In the middle of the afternoon, John receives an urgent message to his PINpoint. It's carbon copied to Anna's as well, just in case.

Tom is back. Woke up in his apartment and he called me. He's at my house now.
10th-Jul-2009 10:26 pm - The city is a little more empty today
midnight watch
John will probably be the first one to notice it, because of the way he's tuned in to the city and everyone in it. Sarah and April probably won't take long to realize they're in an empty house though.
Dr. Schreber is gone.
Harley is gone.
Tom is gone.
Thorn is gone.
Gibbs is gone.
Rat is gone.

There are no notes, no signs of violence, and their PINpoints don't respond to text messages. They're just gone, without a trace.
7th-Jul-2009 08:29 am - Neighbors
walking along
The apartment that Tom calls home isn't in the best of conditions, but it's all he can afford, for now. Like the other men in his sister's life, he won't accept much charity (except her cooking and a few housewarming gifts here and there). Once he gets somewhere at the paper, he'll be able to upgrade. He's close to the beach, at least, and the only family he knows.

Today is a day off from work, for once. Tom planned to use his time to work on his writing skills, but man cannot live on coffee alone. A quick check in his refrigerator reminds him that he really needs to throw out those foil-wrapped leftovers, but doesn't reveal anything edible.

He heads outside, stopping to check his mail first in the lobby.
25th-Jun-2009 10:43 pm - A visitor in the community gardens.
The City, for all its steel and granite, is a pleasant place to visit in the summer. The warm light glints off of the skyscrapers, and the green spaces soften the constant sounds of the busy streets.

Sarah is eager to show off the community gardens. It's thriving this year. She PINpoints into a nearby alley with her friend Mitsuru. It's a bit of a risk, but nobody is interested in hanging out in the back of an alley on a nice day like this. "The gardens are just a block or two this way," she gestures, leading the younger woman onto the sidewalk.
3rd-Mar-2009 04:21 pm - Little girl lost
please be joking
Continued from here.

Schreber PINpoints home to the living room with a little girl, who has Orwell on her shoulder. A little girl named Sarah Branigan. She put up with him as a teenager so he guesses this is only fair, but he hopes she won't be disappointed with what he makes when she stays for dinner. They will have to have soup and sandwiches, unless she can already cook. She'd need a stepstool if she did.
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