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a Dark City no longer

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This is a RP community based on the film 'Dark City'.

This is a place for free-form roleplay; any characters are owned by their creators, not necessarily their players. Original characters belong to their players, copyright blah blah blah. To join or ask questions out of character, please visit our OOC community dark_city_ooc!

The setting is the City after the events of the movie, with John now in control of maintaining the city and making sure the sun rises every day. The Strangers are gone, as are the characters of Bumstead and Walenski, but if you have plotty ideas about bringing these characters back we are open to listen, just talk to us OOC first.

This is an open community, but characters who are not residents of Dark City are encouraged to contact j_murdoch or dr_schreber before posting. It's not easy to get to the City from just anywhere. Innapropriate posts will be deleted.

John Murdoch's player can be reached at Bridgie Rey @ juno . com, Schreber's at Morrbiddus @ yahoo . com, with the obvious removal of spaces. Both players can also be contacted OOCly on their respective journals. We totally don't bite. :)


1. Play nice.
2. No powergaming/godmoding. Definitions of these are available for those who wish to see them.
2a. Caveat: Murdoch is pretty much designed to powergame in canon, but his player makes efforts not to do so. Still, expect fireworks if the City itself is put in danger. IC actions, IC consequences and all that crap.
3. Explicit violence and sex behind a cut with a warning.
4. No killing of other characters without permission. NPCs are fair game.
5. OOC communication is our friend. Just don't spam the place.
6. Dark City fanart, fanfic, and related discussions are nice, too.
7. Adverts for other comms may or may not be permitted. You must contact a mod OOC before submitting one; otherwise it will be deleted. Thanks for understanding!